27 Feb 2017 16:41 #23614 by josephyeo
josephyeo created the topic: Excelpoint
Share with you why i am vested in Excelpoint.

1. Improving topline:
1Q'16 - 287,992
2Q'16 - 328,358
3Q'16 - 416876
4Q'16 - 350308
Fy2016 - 1383536

2. Improving gross profit:
1Q'16 - 16,644
2Q'16 - 18,627
3Q'16 - 21233
4Q'16 - 20651
Fy2016 - 77156

3. Improving bottomline - net profit:
1Q'16 - 1185
2Q'16 - 1,710
3Q'16 - 3402
4Q'16 - 3575
Fy2016 - 9874

4. Trading below nta:
Nta : 83.8 cts
Current price : 49.5 cts

5. Excellent dividend:
Company has been consistent in distributing dividends. The dividend
varies from 2.5 cts per share to 4.0 cts per share. Current year total
dividend declared is 4.0 cts. on price of 49.5 cts, it gives a yield of above

6. Low Valuation:
On current price of 49.5 cts, the company has a PE of around 5x.
With improving top and bottom line, the valuation will be lower.

7. Given the current trend in top and bottom and management optimism
i believe the profit will be better for year 2017, barring unforseen circumstances
and all things being equal.

Personally, am going for long hold. In the meantime, am look forward to the
yearly lucrative dividends.

Please note .. this company is outside the radar of most people, its thinly traded,
and there is often a gap between buy and sell price. This counter is not for punters
or short term investors .. in my views.

This posting is not an encouragement to buy or sell. Its for sharing only.

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20 Mar 2017 23:27 #23673 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: Excelpoint
Nice close at 60.5 cts today.

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22 Mar 2017 17:13 #23680 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: Excelpoint
closed at 70 cts. Up 41% from date of post. Reached a high of 73 cts.

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25 Mar 2017 16:34 #23696 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: Excelpoint
Since my post in Feb the stock has shot up to 68 cts up by 37%. The high
was 71 cts.

Believe this year 2017 will be another great year for this company based on
current trend n management comments.

The dividend yield is still good at 5.9% on current price of 68 cts.

Current pe of 7.8X is not demanding as company is likely to produce another good set of results.

Am heavily vested ..

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04 May 2017 10:11 #23812 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: Excelpoint
Excelpoint reported a set of good result for 1st quarter 2017. Both top n bottom line show improvements.

1st quarter is traditionally a low quarter for Excelpoint. With this excellent set of result, current year is likely to be their best of the last 5 years.

Dividend - there were 2 dividends declared last financial year, 2.5 cts normal n 1.5 cts special, giving a total of 4 cts per share. This gives a yield of around 6%. on current price of 65.5 cts(date of posting)

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