JEP Holdings Ltd.

11 Apr 2017 12:55 #23761 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: JEP Holdings Ltd.
Heavily vested. Am looking long term. Not expecting much this year.
The test will come next year .. am expecting a very good set of result.

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11 Apr 2017 13:00 #23762 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: JEP Holdings Ltd.
Another quote taken from the Annual Report.

Aerospace and Semiconductor Orders Filling Up

In terms of business activity, we have been working
hard to fill up the excess capacity left behind by the
aforementioned drop in oil & gas orders. Aerospace
continues to be the main pillar of our business, where we
are receiving robust order flow from existing customers
as well as enquiries from potential new customers. The
semiconductor customers that we serve have also given
us a steady flow of orders. JEP Industrades, which we
acquired in August 2015, has continued performing well
under our Trading & Others segment, providing a base of
recurring income for the Group.
... end of quote ...

Above is a quote taken from the annual report. Personally, i think
they may be doing ok for 2017 but the main test is in 2018 when
everything (moving to new plants, setting up production lines etc,)
has settled down. If vested, must be prepared to look long term.
Just my views.

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12 Apr 2017 10:07 #23763 by walterlim
walterlim replied the topic: JEP Holdings Ltd.
thank you joseph. you're a valuable asset to the forum with your meticulous analysis and generous sharing

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12 Apr 2017 16:25 - 12 Apr 2017 16:32 #23765 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: JEP Holdings Ltd.
hi Walterlim, share w you my approach to investing.

The key questions i ask when deciding on whether to invest in a company are:

1. Is the company turning around? This is for turnaround companies.

2. Is the profit improving?

3. Would the profit improve further?

This is measured against the current n future estimated PE or price earning ratio.

If the answer are positive i will take a position after which i wait for the next reporting

season. If the report confirms that my assessment is correct, i will let my holding stay.

I will not sell bcoz it takes time for the market to be aware of the change in profitability

of the company. Once the market become aware of the positive change in profitabilty,

the stock will run. By how much depend on how profitable the company is, If in

that report, there are clear indication that the future profit would even be better, in which

case, i will sit on my stock. Eventually will sell when i feel that its fully valued.

In the event that the report is negative or didnt measure up, i will do a review. If the

negative result is justified i may hold. If result not justified, i will sell. This have been my

approach for the past years.

This approach had resulted in very substantial gain in my portfolio. Examples are ..

Mermaid Maritime from 11.8cts to 22 cts; Sinostar Pec from 12.5 cts to 22cts and

Chasen, from 3.6 cts to 11.8 cts. All these are the results of long hold peg to

company's profitability (actual n estimate).

As a rule, i am not too concerned w the daily ups n downs. They are distractions and

not based on profitability or any valuation.

Just sharing
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12 Apr 2017 18:09 #23766 by walterlim
walterlim replied the topic: JEP Holdings Ltd.
Dear Joseph,

Thank you for sharing. I had also vested in Chasen. Just wondering if you are still vested as the shares has been falling for the past week and I'm not too sure if i should sell it.

Would you also be so kind to share your other approach on undervalued shares? The only strategy i adopt is to compare its net cash position to its market capitalisation. However, I do understand some companies need to be substantially leveraged for it to grow and i usually cannot spot such undervalued companies.

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21 Apr 2017 22:26 #23786 by josephyeo
josephyeo replied the topic: JEP Holdings Ltd.
Executive Chairman & CEO's Message in Annual Report 2016:

" The past 3 years have seen us laying the foundations for the Group's future. I thank our loyal shareholders for their patience and the belief they have placed in us.
In the last year, we have suffered some setbacks, mainly due to the collapse in
crude oil prices, which has severely disrupted the entire sector's supply chain and resulted in a significant drop in our oil & gas segment activities.
However, I remain positive and confident of the future growth of our operations.

My comments:
I like the positive tones of the Executive Chairman and CEO when he expressed
confidence in the future growth of the company after 3 years of laying it' s foundation.

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